Monday, January 30, 2006

Blog, Blogging and Blogger - The Hottest Trend in the 21st Century

The Buzz word in the internet industry today is the word “Blogging”. If you have not heard of it, read on to find out the hottest trend that is happening across right now in the 21st century. The word “Blog” could be the next craze that is sweeping across the world ever since the Internet took the world by the storm.

Accordingly to, the word ‘Blog’ is defined as followed “an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a web page; also called a Web log.” It goes on further to state that the “blog is typically updated daily, blog often reflect the personality of the author”.

Traditionally back in the past, people penned down their private thoughts into a diary book. The content in the diary book would be considered private and exclusive to the author only. In fact, if you attempt to read somebody’s diary without permission, you would be labeled as “Very Rude”. However, with the introduction of “Blog”, it is set to change all that.

People started to chronicle their private life details into an online diary called blog. What started to change is that people not only started to discard away their hard copy diary book for online blogging, but in fact, they started to pen down their private thoughts in world wide web for the public to read. What a drastic change in the Trend!

In fact, soon after, blog started to take a life of its own. Gradually, blog started to evolve into marketing blog, business blog and customer service blog. There is even one blog where blogger contestants are voted by the readers as the hottest blogger for the month after reading the interesting blog post that the blogger contestant has posted.

The entire “Blog” Craze is happening all over the world right now. If you are still not into it, it’s time to jump into the bandwagon right now to capitalize the opportunity before it’s over.

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