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3 Reasons Why You’re Wasting Money and Time on Advertising If You are Not Publishing a Blog

Did you know you are literally giving away money
and time on advertising if you are not publishing a blog?

Nowadays blogs have become very popular for diverse reasons.
For internet home based business entrepreneurs,
blogging represents a great opportunity for increasing
their internet marketing effectiveness and presence.

You should really consider starting a blog to complement
your advertisement efforts.

Here are 3 reasons why you should stop leaving money
on the table and start blogging instead:

• It's the quickest way to build a website
• Blogging expands your marketing reach dramatically
• You can increase delivery rates for your newsletter

• Establishing your web presence in minutes and slowly
but surely building an empire:

Publishing a blog is the easiest, quickest way to establish
an online presence. You don’t even need your own website
to publish a blog (although it’s recommended that you host it
there for SEO reasons).

You can have your own blog up and running in
as little as 5 minutes, using third party services
such as Blogger (

As far as search engines are concerned, blogs are
full-blown websites. And they love them because of the
regularly updated, fresh content they often present.
As time goes by and your posts become to accumulate,
your “website” grows too, without any effort, linking,
or HTML knowledge required from your part.

Soon your blog becomes your little “empire” of content-rich,
interlinked webpages, which search engines keep visiting,
crawling and indexing like crazy, often at various times
during the day.

• Easily and effortlessly expanding your marketing reach:

Here’s a surefire way to spread your advertisement
across the web. Once you have your blog running,
you can easily syndicate your content using RSS feeds.

You can submit your blog and RSS feed URLs to blog
and RSS directories, which are proven means to increase
your online presence besides normal website directories.

Even better, if your content is good, other webmasters
might beging syndicating your blog posts, giving you
effortless free advertising! And your posts can now
be delivered instantly right to your readers’ desktops
if they are subscribing via an RSS reader.

• Giving SPAM filters the finger and
auto-archiving your newsletter:

SPAM filters driving you crazy? Does your newsletter end up
as a delicious snack on filter’s stomachs instead of
client inboxes?

You can now give those nasty SPAM filters the finger forever!
If you publish a newsletter by email, you may consider posting
it at your blog instead, and using your mailing list just to
announce your new issues to your subscribers. This way,
you avoid the SPAM filter issue associated with delivering
your newsletter via email.

At the same time, you are reaching more subscribers,
the ones who have added your blog to their RSS readers,
effectively “killing two birds with one shot”.

In addition to the above, you are naturally building
an archive of your newsletter issues, which get included
in your blog’s archives.

As with any new technologies, you should study the potential
you are missing by not publishing a blog, and compare it
to the extra work blogging would mean for you.

Personally, I think the benefits clearly outweigh the extra work
involved, and I strongly encourage you to start blogging
right now. Blogging is easy, even fun, and it doesn’t take
much time either.

If you are not much of a writer, just try to blog something,
anything, when you feel like it.
When you become consistent with your blogging, you will soon
realize why it’s so important for internet marketers.

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